A great story starts with a single word and weaves it’s way into the subconscious eventually creating a visceral connection. The epic story reaches into the soul and creates a desire to immerse oneself in it’s story world. These story worlds are one of the main stays here at the creativity lab. The entry points to a story are key in developing an engaging story world. Using transmedia as a storytelling device is how the Robots roll.

Not sure what transmedia is well this quote by Jeff Gomez is a favorite

“The art of conveying messages themes or storylines to mass audiences through the artful and well planned use of multiple media platforms.”

Understanding the basic human need for a story we start the process with the tale and build out the other elements from there. Robots understand that the media savvy consumer seeks more ways to experience a great story and seek to create pathways through our story worlds. These pathways are designed to nurture a fan and give a much richer experience. Robots also understand that once you have succeeded in creating a fan you have also created a ecosystem that includes fan fiction. A story starts with a creator and evolves to a community.

It takes a thousand voices to tell a single story. —Native American saying