Content Creation and Distribution

Once you have a story and a strategy you need to start telling it. Shooting video, building websites,apps, social media, live events you name it wherever your story plays out you have to make content. We use the power of our Story Atlas to track the content created and how we leverage our Transmedia/Omni channel strategy to execute and distribute that content.


At this point we have done our preproduction and now it’s time to produce the content and run it through post. With a strong understanding of camera technology as well as a creative eye to shoot, we can call action and understand the technical details of 4K, 8K and 360 workflows in production while executing the creative vision. Once the content is in the can we can add any VFX, color correction or audio sweetening to make that creative POP! We also have a long track record of working with multi-agency projects so we can work with your favorite director, editor, colorist or other artist to realize a collaborative production.

johnahartman@gmail.comContent Creation and Distribution