John has spent over two decades developing media and digital experiences. Always pushing the boundaries of what is technically possible John strives to understand how to tell stories that are unrestrained. These stories span platforms and leverage the power of those platforms. From feature films to interactive virtual worlds John has crafted media experiences for entertainment properties and commercially for some of the biggest brands on the planet.

John’s past is a mixture of the technical and creative.  It started in his family’s computer store in 1981. Cassett-Tape-Basic Program-Johnny's Killer app -1979Tearing apart systems and writing code after school John is a true first generation digital native. He worked on the early web beta testing with Intel some of the first web servers for an entertainment company.

He has always been involved in the 3D side of things from animation to virtual reality. In 1995 John was a VR consultant who realized the industry was not ready for prime time. He shifted focus to digital and went to build very early 3D websites in VRML in 1998. That same year John was exposed to visual recognition technologies at Microsoft Research that would alter the course of his career.

In 2003 John joined a team with an incredible mission to become the “definitive repository of human knowledge online” constructing the Digital Universe. A 3D web browser with experts from all over the world contributing to the platform. John worked with NASA, Environmental Literacy Council, Earth 911, Cosmos Studios, The Jane Goodall Institute, M.I.T., Boston University, H.A.R.C. and a litany of other organizations and universities helping them integrate their data and designing tools to facilitate portal management. Working to figure out how to visualize data and tell stories in 3D spaces.

In 2006 John started his own transmedia agency. Over the course of the next nine years John would build out an interactive cross media experience for HP helping them explain Sarbanes Oxley compliance. Create a cross media campaign for Toyota promoting the first virtual car dealership in Second Life. He worked with other producers to create Reason TV virtual reality episode with Drew Carey. Worked with Intel on cross media strategy and a storytelling playbook. Led a multiagency transmedia project for Walmart.

Recently John was the senior architect for a state of the art post production facility focused on 4K and 360 workflows for feature films. John’s office was in the “Think Tank” an experimental media environment where you would find RealSense cameras and Oculus headsets as well as other technologies to R&D the coming media landscape.

John is now back in Portland Oregon and building out story worlds and cross media experiences with a focus on VR/AR/MR. He is evolving the framework of the Story Atlas and developing IP as well as consulting. A prolific public speaker John is open to sharing his knowledge and has a passion for evangelizing the future of media.