A Media Strategy Lab

My name is John Anthony Hartman and I Have Robots. They help out here at this media strategy lab.

In 2006 I started a company called Feedia that has evolved into I Have Robots a flex media agency that has worked with an amazing litany of clients over the years.  I have been crafting strategies, envisioning stories and producing media content across the full media landscape for clients that range from fortune 500 companies to nonprofits.

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I have used video, animation, apps, interactive, virtual environments, social media and more to extend my clients stories. I have a passion for technology and use it to help extend my clients understanding of the ever shifting media landscape. Experimentation and research are engrained in my DNA. This mindset helps me to discover the next wave or understand what does and what does not work. Why I call this a media strategy lab is simple, we are building out tools and technologies to face the new changes in storytelling and media creation.

What can the robots and I do for you? Take a look around the site and then contact us to help you tell your story.


JohnnyA Media Strategy Lab